The Valley’s Finest Day Spa

  • An Amazing Job

    “Stephanie did an amazing job recommending a facial that fit my skin needs. She is gentle and caring and spends time finding the right skin regimen to improve your skin and health.” – SP

  • Does It Right!

    “Steph knows how to do it right! The salon had top notch equipment and I got a great tan in just a few minutes. My wife is going there next for some of the body wrap treatments. Friendly, high tech, and professional! 5 Stars!” -RS

  • Skin Care I Understand

    “I only knew the bare basics of how to take care of my skin, I would wash, exfoliate and make sure I had moisturizer. But I was using the wrong products for my skin type, and was waisting a lot of money on anything that promised to fix it. Stephanie educated me on what skin type I had, and it wasn’t pushy or just to get me to buy her products (which I do love). She just taught me how to do it right for my own skins sake.” -MC

  • So Happy!

    “I was a little hesitant about the Bioslimming wraps promises.  I am not the best about hitting the gym and my high school reunion was coming up, of course I wanted to look great.  Waiting till the last minute of course, I tried the wrap for the first time, and oh my god was I so relieved and happy!  I lost 7 inches overall, and actually felt amazing in the process.” -D.R

  • A Must Have..

    “I bought the Blemish Control, because of some random outbreak, I haven’t had a zit in probably a decade so I owned nothing that could help.  I feel those generic brands in the store are too harsh on my skin, and do more bad than good.  The Blemish Control was great, didn’t harshly over dry my skin and the culprit was gone in 2 days.” – B.T

  • Best Tanning Spa

    “This is the best Tanning Spa I have ever seen! I think the traditional way of tanning only harms your skin and truly, I would love to come check this place out!”- S.P

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