Xtreme® Eyelash Extensions


For those of us who are not lucky enough to be born with lush full lashes, Body By Steph has a solution.  Who doesn’t dream of longer thicker lashes?  Having thinker, or fuller lashes is the best first step to enhancing a woman beauty.  Whether you want to look good for that class reunion and want to invest in Eyelash Extensions, or want to boost your wink through professional Eyelash Tinting, we have what will work for you.  We use the absolute top of the line products to help enhance your beauty. Consult with of our Aestheticians to see what Eyelash Enhancing treatments will work best for your lifestyle or event.

  • Eyelash Extension Set: $225.00
    This Enhancing eyelash treatment uses Faux Mink lashes (so there is no chance of allergies from animal hair) that attaches to your own individual eyelashes. This is different form an “eyelash application” where the false eyelashes are glued to the base of your eyelid and can cause damage to your eyelashes and glands. Eyelash extensions do not harm your eyelashes nor do they harm your eyelid or glands. Eyelash Extensions are lightweight and wear and feel like your real eyelashes.
  • EyeLash Extension 2 WEEK FILL: $75.00
    Xtreme® Eyelash Extension Full Set 2 week fill by Certified Eyelash Extension Artist.
  • Eyelash Extension 3 WEEK FILL: $85.00
    Keep your Full Set of Xtreme® Eyelash Extensions looking fresh and full with a fill from a Certified Xtreme® Lash Artist.

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*For certain services, a deposit may be required.  Services and prices may change with out notice.