UV-Free Spray Tanning


UV-Free Spray Tanning

Did you know 90% of Premature Aging comes from Sun-Damage? Pure Spa UV Free Spray Tanning is a full body approach to perfect glowing skin.  Body By Steph uses Top of the line “California Tan” DHA solution in our booths. Pura Booths are a refined spray tanning system to give you that even flawless color you dream of without having to do the “Tan Dance.”

Body By Steph’s UV tanning options matches all skin tones, giving real and natural results, sunless tanning orange days are in the past.  The spray tan offers a flawless even tone, leaving the skin glowing and moisturized.

This UV Free Spray Tan will give you the darker tone you want, without having to suffer suns harsh and lasting damages to your skin,

  • Monthly Membership Level-1 $95/Mo (includes double dipping and complimentary Cocktail Tanning)
  • Monthly Membership Level-2 $110/Mo (includes double dipping and complimentary Cocktail Tanning
  • UV Free Spray Tan – Level 1 – Single Tan Session:  $35.00
  • UV Free Spray Tan – Level 2 – Single Tan Session with Moisturizer:  $40.00
  • Moisturizer Upgrade – Add On: $5.00


Skin Brightening

Pura Skin Brightening is an all over body approach to reduce dark pigmentation, refine pores and soften skin. This “Body Facial” is simply applied by a manual spray bottle and rubbing into the skin after showering and exfoliating 2-3 times per week.

Eliminate Age Spots(hyper pigmentation), reduce dark pigmentation by several shades, reduce skin redness, scar discoloration etc. With the Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Licorice Root Extract, Mulberry Root Extract and Alpha Arbutin your skin will exfoliate while your melanocyte production slows down, resulting in a beautiful even toned canvas over your entire body.

Expect results in as early as two-weeks.

  • 5 oz Bottle Pura Brightening Solution – $49.95 (should last 1-2 months)
  • 4 oz PuraBright Lotion – $44.95 (should last 1-2 months)

Airbrush Tanning

Body By Steph also offers custom Airbrush Tanning or a.k.a. UV Free Custom Spray Tanning with NORVELL (DHA) solution. All Airbrush solutions have a bronzer or cosmetic in them so you see instant color while your underlying tan is being developed. We have several shades to choose from…Venetian, Venetian Plus, Double Dark, Competition Color and 1-Hour Developing Solution.

  • 1 Hour Solution Single Session – $75
  • Single Airbrush Session – $55
  • Airbrush Tanning Pkg of 3 – $135
  • Airbrush  Tanning Pkg of 5-  $220
  • Airbrush Competion Color – $135 (Includes touch-ups)